Are Millipedes In Austin Dangerous?


There are dangerous pests, then there are creepy pests, then there are pests that fall somewhere in between! One such critter in the Austin area includes an insect with not just one, but several unsettling characteristics that are sure to put you and your family on edge! 

Despite their misleading names, millipedes are bugs that don’t have a thousand legs. These insects tend to have a ballpark average of several hundred depending on the species type, with the record count of 750 legs belonging to a species rarely seen in the United States today. More common varieties of millipede are quite common to the Austin area, both due to the high annual temperatures and humidity levels that ensure the survival of their offspring. You may recognize a millipede in your home by identifying a bug with the following characteristics: 

  • Brown, black, or reddish exoskeletons. 

  • Long, thin, cylindrical bugs with a large number of legs. 

  • Thick, wormlike creatures that curl into a ball when touched or threatened.

Most household millipedes are considered to be a nuisance pest in the Austin area, although some species are slightly more dangerous than others. Certain millipedes spit a form of hydrochloric acid that can irritate, burn, or otherwise discolor the skin. All millipedes should be handled with a pair of gloves or protective hand equipment. After touching any variety of millipede, it is important to wash hands well to protect the skin’s integrity and color.

Millipedes are by no means the type of creatures you need to be physically concerned about this spring. However, you will not likely want to host any kind of creepy bug in the kitchens, basements, or bathrooms of your comfy homes. Here’s how to get and keep millipedes out of the house for good.

Millipede Prevention Tips For Austin Homeowners

Most millipede species prefer to remain outdoors during their lifecycle, but some of these pests will choose to seek shelter when put under extreme duress. Excess moisture, extreme drought conditions, or other natural disasters such as wildfires may drive them to seek shelter in less conventional areas.

To protect your home against any kind of millipede activity, follow these helpful prevention tips:

  • Remove any sort of feeding matter from the lawn and garden. This includes any form of waste matter, including leaf piles, dead weeds, branches or sticks, and other rot.  

  • Reduce moisture sources both inside and outside the house. Use a dehumidifier to remove excess indoor humidity. Install desiccant bags around areas with exposure to water. Fill up or remove potholes in the lawn that could be holding water, such as ditches. 

  • Seal and caulk any entry points inside the home, including all cracks and gaps in walls, floors, and ceilings.

Without the proper forms of prevention and mitigation, the millipede presence around your property may eventually become an infestation of worrying proportions. If you are concerned about the integrity of your Austin home, book an appointment with Roberts Termite & Pest Control today.

Manage Your Millipedes With Help From Roberts Termite & Pest Control

Millipedes may not put your life in danger, but your peace of mind and sanity may be challenged by the constant appearance of these aggravating ne'er-do-wells. Instead of letting pests control your life this spring, take matters into your own hands by contacting the professionals at Roberts Termite & Pest Control. Our team is proud to provide exemplary advice and assistance related to millipede control all over Austin. When you’re ready for a pest-free home, Roberts Termite & Pest Control has your back. Call, click, or visit with us online to schedule a home visit as soon as possible. 

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