Why Pests In Austin Love Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is here and with lots and lots of decorations. Before long, you will not be able to drive down the street without being joyously surrounded by Christmas cheer. Whether you plan on only hanging a few lights this year, or going all out, we have some bad news. Just like us, pests love decorations. Today we are going to be talking about the different types of pests that like our decorations and unravel just what it is they like about them. We will also be giving you one easy solution to pest problems, that, like your Christmas spirit, pests cannot ignore.

How Different Decorations Attract Pests

There are many different ways you can decorate your Austin home for the holiday season. You could go minimalistic and just hang some lights, or you could go all out buying a life-sized sleigh and fake reindeer. Either way, these decorations will draw pests. As you may know, many pests are attracted to lights; luckily, most Christmas lights do not emit enough UV light or heat to attract pests. However, if you have brighter Christmas displays, these pests will flock to your home. Also, standing decorations in your yard can double as hiding spots for rodents. This shelter is now just a stepping stone away from your house for rats and mice to wander inside. Spiders also love to use decorations to build their nests, especially the ones higher up. This brings them closer to your home, raising the likelihood that they, too, will find a way inside.

Be Careful Opening Boxes

Pests don’t just love decorations when they are out in your yard or home; they also love decorations when they're stored in dark, secluded boxes. Pests like spiders and even rodents could be using your storage boxes as their home. Be careful this year when unpacking decorations as you might find unexpected pests living within, some of which could be dangerous.

Common Pests Around The Holiday Season

As you already know, rodents and spiders are two pests you need to look out for this holiday season. Ants are another big problem. Each of these pests proves a different threat to you and your home. 
Rodents: You have heard of mice and rats getting into homes, but do you know how dangerous they are? Rodents can carry several different diseases and parasites which they can spread to both humans and pets. Rodents are also extremely destructive and known to chew holes through walls, sever electrical wiring, and gnaw through utility piping.
Spiders: Although not all spiders are dangerous, enough are to cause concern. Spiders like the brown recluse and black widow pose a considerable threat to homeowners, especially young children, the elderly, and people with preexisting medical conditions. No one likes finding spiders in their homes, regardless of whether or not they are dangerous. 
Ants: Less harmful than spiders and rodents, but much more annoying, ants are another common winter pest. Around Christmas, ants sneak into homes to find food. When they do this, they can transport diseases such as Salmonella onto eating and food preparation surfaces as well as onto food itself, potentially making your family very sick.

Why You Need Year-Round Pest Control

Pests don’t go away here in Austin. Our warm climate and often humid weather give them everything they need to thrive year-round, meaning you have to have your guard up 24/7, especially to keep out dangerous holiday pests. Here at Roberts Termite & Pest Control, we offer reliable quality year-round pest control designed to keep away all forms of unwanted pests. We would be happy to set up defenses for your home before Christmas comes this year so that you can celebrate with your family, knowing you are safe.
Give us a call today for any questions or to schedule services for your home. One of our friendly service representatives would be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

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