Austin's Prevention Guide To Dangerous American Cockroaches


There are many pests in the Austin area that you don’t want to encounter or deal with, but some of them are bigger problems than others. Some pests are considered a harmless nuisance because they don’t pose health risks or cause property damage. However, cockroaches are gross pests that invade homes, are hard to get rid of, and also dangerous.

There is more than one species of cockroach in the United States, but one of the most common in the Austin area is the American cockroach. Despite its name, this pest isn’t native to America at all but instead is originally from more tropical areas of Africa. However, they have spread and become a common pest in many places throughout the United States.
While all cockroaches pose health risks, the American cockroach is one of the biggest and therefore one of the grossest to have in your home.

Here are some characteristics of the American cockroach:

  • They can grow to be up to three inches long.

  • They are usually mahogany colored.

  • They have a characteristic yellow marking behind their heads that looks like a violin.

  • They have six legs and long antennae.

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches?

People dread dealing with cockroaches in their homes because these pests have a reputation for being nearly impossible to eradicate. While it is possible to eliminate infestations, it can be extremely difficult to do so.
In their general disgust over finding cockroaches in their home, many people often forget just how dangerous this insect can be. Cockroaches are invasive, but they are also known for spreading many pathogens including diseases that can detrimental and at times even deadly.
American cockroaches pick up germs from places such as sewage, garbage, and excrement and then spread these germs around your home. They are especially attracted to areas like bathrooms and kitchens and often contaminate food and cooking surfaces.
Cockroaches carry deadly diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid fever, and many more. They can also cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. For these reasons, it’s important to know how to prevent them from coming inside your home.

How To Prevent American Cockroaches

If you’ve noticed signs of cockroaches, it’s best to get pest control help from the professionals right away. However, if you don’t yet have cockroaches, there are some things you can do to prevent them. The best prevention methods involve making your property less appealing to these pests.

Here are some prevention steps you can take:

  • Clean food spills and crumbs as they occur.

  • Cockroaches like damp environments, so fix any leaky pipes or faucets.

  • Also, make sure your home is well-ventilated and use dehumidifiers where needed.

  • Vacuum and clean often.

  • Ensure door and window screens are tight-fitting with no rips or tears.

Protect Your House From Cockroaches

While you might be tempted to try to remove American cockroaches on your own, doing so isn’t advisable as many pesticides are toxic and harmful to humans and pets. Don’t waste your time and money or put your family at risk. Instead, call the pest control experts at Roberts Termite & Pest Control. We can get rid of American cockroach infestations efficiently and safely.

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