Five Easy & Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For Austin Property Owners


There’s no easy way to say this: rodents are always lurking in the Austin area, and it's only a matter of time until you are exposed to them. Rats, mice, and squirrels are some of the most common rodents here in Texas. More than just temporary home invaders, rodents cause significant issues for home and business owners alike. Some of these issues include disease spread, food contamination, property destruction, and even physical damage through bites and scratches. If you’re concerned about potential infestations (hint: you should be), it will be important to invest in the mitigation techniques that are applicable to you. 

How Austin Home And Business Owners Can Prevent Rodent Infestations

There are five primary factors that attract rodents into a home:  

  • Food 

  • Water

  • Shelter

  • Warmth

  • Safety

Here are five tips that help to remedy these factors:

  • Invest some time in a decluttering or clean up efforts, starting with the more congested areas of the home. Basements, garages, closets, and other areas should be sorted through and thoroughly cleaned. 

  • Remove easy access to food items in the home, taking care to clean and put away dirty dishes after use. 

  • Throw trash away as soon as it is created, and line the interior of your garbage bins with strong plastic liners. Remove garbage bags from the home at least once per week. 

  • Remove moisture from the floors and air by repairing any faulty drains or piping systems.

  • Purchase a dehumidifier for use in areas where the humidity is high or long lasting.

Rodents can easily find their way into homes, especially by squeezing through entry points around doors and windows. In fact, rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter! To identify and seal up potential entry points, follow these helpful pointers: 

  • Check for cracks or crevices stemming from the foundations of the home to the outside structure. Fill these cracks with waterproof caulking. 

  • Repair door and window screens with new materials or strong patches. 

  • Use waterproof caulking to repair gaps around the home. 

  • Invest in solid weatherproofing materials. 

  • Add a cap to your chimney.

  • For additional rodent prevention, it will be important to invest in professional services such as the ones at Roberts Termite & Pest Control.

Professional Pests Need Professional Assistance – Get Roberts Termite & Pest Control!

To the victor goes the spoils, and when dealing with a severe rodent infestation, it is paramount to win the pest prevention battle before your home can return to its pest-free status. Of course, there are many factors that go into household rodent prevention, many of them only able to be accomplished through a concentrated effort, time period, or set of products. DIY (do it yourself)  prevention steps are great ways to ward off pest infestations before they occur, but they will do little to remove an entire population once established. 
Home remedies have their place in Austin pest control, but the best form of protection against rats, mice and other rodents will always come from professional assistance. When you’re ready to invest in the pest control services that offer the most reliable treatments, you can depend on the team at Roberts Termite & Pest Control. We’re no strangers to rodent activity in Austin homes and businesses, and have worked tirelessly for over 60 years to deliver nothing but the highest quality of service. After six decades in the rodent control business, one thing has become clear: it takes a pest control village to maintain solid rodent prevention! 
Allow yourself to breathe easy again by calling Roberts Termite & Pest Control for rodent prevention at your earliest convenience. By signing up for a free home inspection now, we can see to it that you have a brighter, safer, rodent-free tomorrow. Contact us today!

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