Five Quick Tips To Keep Dangerous Wildlife Away From Your Austin Property


What’s fierce and ferocious and very, very feral? The creatures living in your backyard, of course! There are dozens of wildlife species that call Austin home, and still, other occasional invaders who might pass by the lawn every now and again. Some of the most common wildlife offenders in the Austin area include:

  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Squirrels
  • Deer
  • Armadillos
  • Coyotes

There are many different problems that come with wildlife species invading your Austin property. Ranging from property damage to physical injury, these exotic creatures can do more damage than your average pest. In fact, some of the above species have been known to kill both homeowners and their beloved pets. Catching sight of a few lingering in the backyard is not necessarily a cause for alarm, but the consistent presence of these creatures should put you on alert – and fast!

Ways To Deter Austin Wildlife: Five Easy Steps

The wildlife species around Austin can be as tough as their human counterparts are – hardworking, tenacious, and extremely stubborn to boot. By following the next five prevention steps, homeowners will have a better chance of steering these animals clear of their property for weeks to come.

  1. Don’t leave any food sources out on the lawn. While not all food can be managed (after all, even grass can be food for some species), do what you can to mitigate exposure. Food and food waste should be cleared from outdoor areas as soon as possible. Remove fallen fruit from the bottom of trees as often as you can.
  2. Store all trash in a tightly sealed bin or related container.
  3. Frequently drain potential water sources, especially vernal pools or puddles.
  4. Keep the lawn well maintained. Prune trees, mow grasses, and generally prevent vegetation from building up too high.
  5. Manage the amount of bird seed, suet, and other wildlife feed sources you put outside. While some wildlife species are fun to watch from the comfort of your home, certain others will look a lot less cute close up.

Concerned that certain wildlife species have already been showing their faces around your Austin property? Get this confirmation by booking a complementary home inspection through your friends at Roberts Termite & Pest Control.

The Last & Most Important Tip: Professional Help With Roberts Termite & Pest Control

Outdoor critters never have your best interests in mind. Whether it’s food, shelter, water, or a nesting site they’re after, wildlife poses a real threat to your way of life. The above prevention tips can go a long way towards keeping yourself and your family safe, and make it difficult for even the wiliest of creatures to infiltrate the property. However, these steps alone may not always be enough .That’s why the last and most important tip for proper wildlife prevention in Austin is to call the professional team at Roberts Termite & Pest Control immediately.

Our unparalleled services for over sixty years has proven to wildlife species of all kinds that we mean business. Prevention, trapping, and elimination services are available for dozens of different wildlife species, all of which are approved by a myriad of professional organizations. Dangerous wildlife is dangerous wildlife, no matter which species may come knocking at your door.

Get the protection you deserve by calling the professionals at Roberts Termite & Pest Control right away. Our team is ready to take your questions in person, online, or through the simple online contact form available on our contact page. We make it easy to take back what’s yours, one treatment step at a time. See for yourself by contacting Roberts Termite & Pest Control now. Learn more about our home pest control and wildlife control services.

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