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Is It Termites?

Termite Control | February 12, 2018

Termite Damage in Travis County

That is a question we hear a lot from homeowners and businesses around the Greater Austin Area. In a few months, the termite dispersion begins, and people will see swarms of termites in the air. These are not the most graceful of flyers and they only use their wings for a very short period of time. So, how do you know if there are termites in your building? In this article, we talk about termites and the damage they do.

Worst Case – Best Case

The worst case is that the infestation is so bad that the termites are eating your dining room table. Likely at this stage, the house leans a bit in a brisk wind. A colony of termites can eat a board foot of 2×4 in a day. That is of course only true of large colonies. They also don’t really eat from one end of a board to the other. Instead, they tunnel and make “galleries” or large pockets in the wood. That’s bad enough is that board is one of the support beams for your foundation or a load-bearing wall.

The best-case scenario is that you happen to be mowing the lawn and see a swarm of termites fly into the yard. They have not had time to establish a colony and so the damage they do is minimal if there is any. While that seems like it might be hypothetical, this type of scenario can occur, especially if property owners are alert to the signs and symptoms of new infestation. Those include:

  • Small bunches of insect wings, usually around the foundation.
  • Seeing a swarm of termites in your yard or in the neighbor’s yard
  • Identifying frass granules, especially around window sills.

The Middle of the Road Case

For many homeowners throughout the Greater Austin area, termite damage is a real possibility. People do not typically notice an infestation when it first occurs. Usually, it is discovered when someone is trying to sell their house and at that point, the colony has been in place for a while. It takes a decade or so for a termite colony to reach the point where they are eating the furniture, but it can take as little as a year for you notice structural changes in your home or building. Such changes might simply be that the floor is someone spongy when you walk on it.

Many homes are termite free but that could change during any spring. That is when the termites tend to swarm, and the new queen flies off in search of a new food source. If you’d like more information about termites and termite inspections, just reach out to our professionals. We cover pest control situations throughout the greater Austin area.

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