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Round Rock is a beautiful city that sits about 20 miles away from the city of Austin and is known for its outdoor activities and historical sites. Whether you own a home or business in the area, you’re probably aware of the problems pests can cause when they infest your property. Pests don’t belong in your Round Rock home or business. With the licensed pest experts from Roberts Termite & Pest Control by your side, you can keep destructive and disease-ridden pests away from your property year-round. We offer effective commercial and residential pest control services to cover a wide variety of common pests. Call us to help manage the pest pressures at your Round Rock property!

Home Pest Control In Round Rock, TX

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It can take a lot of hard work to make your Round Rock house feel like home, and the last thing you need is a pest infestation to put your family in danger. The good news is that there is a way to ensure that pests won’t invade your home.

When you contact Roberts Termite & Pest Control for pest protection, you can rest easy knowing that we will prevent pests from invading your property. Our comprehensive home pest control services are designed to meet your needs.

At Roberts Termite & Pest Control, we also provide the option of organic services and environmentally responsible products. No matter what residential pest control service you need for your Round Rock home, we have you covered.

To learn how our green and eco-friendly pest control services can help protect your Round Rock, TX home, give the experts at Robert Termite & Pest Control a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Round Rock, TX

Every Round Rock business, big or small, needs the protection of a year-round commercial pest control plan. Pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and spiders are all capable of disturbing your customers and ruining your reputation. Not to mention that pests contaminate food items, damage equipment, destroy products, and spread harmful diseases. The most effective defense against pest problems is with a commercial pest control program from Roberts Termite & Pest Control.

We design our commercial services to meet the unique needs and regulations of your business, no matter the industry. We have the skill and dedication to not only remove existing infestations but also prevent future pest problems as well. We’re happy to provide you with the commercial pest control services you can trust.

Are Mosquitoes Dangerous In Round Rock, TX?

When you think of mosquitoes, do you think about the annoying way they buzz around your face or the potential dangers they pose? Most of the time, it’s easy to forget how dangerous mosquitoes are. After all, it’s not as common for people to contract mosquito-borne diseases in the United States. However, it’s important to remember that just because mosquito-borne illnesses are less common here, that doesn’t mean they’re not a serious threat.

Some of the diseases mosquitoes carry include the following:

  • Chikungunya

  • Malaria

  • Yellow fever

  • Dengue

  • West Nile virus

  • Zika virus

Mosquitoes are responsible for millions of deaths worldwide each year, which makes them the most dangerous insects on the planet. Controlling the mosquitoes around your Round Rock home or business is the best way to avoid contracting one of these dangerous diseases. Contact us for effective mosquito control treatments.

Protect Your Round Rock, TX Property From Termite Damage

There’s no denying that termites are at the top of the list when it comes to most destructive insect pests. Termite colonies often host hundreds of thousands of individual termites that are capable of eating through the wooden structure of your Round Rock property. Although the amount of damage done to your home or business depends on the size of the termite colony, even a small colony is a threat to your Round Rock property. We offer professional termite control treatments to keep them away.

Termites are known for causing extensive damage in a relatively short amount of time. The only way to prevent this is by making sure termites never invade in the first place. Listed below are several termite prevention tips you can use to help protect your Round Rock property from termite damage:

  • Remove wooden materials such as old fence posts, logs, sheds, and stumps from your lawn, especially if they are rotted or damp.

  • Clear out sticks and debris from your gutters to prevent moisture buildup.

  • Seal gaps and crevices around your walls and foundation.

  • Repair any dripping pipes, faucets, and drains; termites love to invade areas with excess moisture.

  • Keep brush, foliage, and overhanging tree branches cut back from your property, allowing sunlight to dry up excess moisture around your foundation.

More than two million homes require termite treatments each year. At Roberts Termite & Pest Control, we make it our goal to prevent termites from invading your Round Rock property before damage occurs. To get started with your service, contact Roberts Termite & Pest Control today!


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