Why Most Pest Problems in Austin Require Professional Services


When you run into a pest problem in your home, it’s very tempting to try and handle it yourself. After all, it just requires a few things from the store, right? Wrong. While DIY solutions sometimes work on a small problem, like catching a mouse or taking out a little wasp nest under an eave, other pest problems are much more challenging to eliminate. Some pests are incredibly dangerous and spread diseases or can inject venom that is harmful or even deadly to humans and pets. Others pests are incredibly resilient and quickly infest or reinfest a home after getting rid of them the first time.

For dangerous and resilient pests, utilizing a professional pest control service will allow you to combat these pests safely and effectively. Pest control technicians are trained to handle troublesome pests and know how to identify the source of the infestation. Their treatments are far more effective than DIY solutions and they guarantee the elimination of your pest infestation.

How Professional Pest Control Options Compare to DIY Solutions

DIY solutions are incredibly hit-or-miss for a variety of reasons. The most important is that they require you to locate the source of the infestation yourself, which may be difficult, depending on the type of pest. While some pests make their presence apparent, others prefer to hide, coming out only when people aren’t around or when night falls. Even with all the research available to you on the internet, you may not be able to locate infestation sources.

Professional pest control technicians not only know where to look for the source of an infestation but also when. Their in-depth knowledge of a variety of pests allows them to locate an infestation more accurately than you could on your own, saving you time.

Another issue with DIY solutions is there safety and effectiveness. Often, DIY solutions fail because they only target the symptoms of an infestation, not the cause. They typically don’t attack the source, which is key to preventing a re-infestation. On top of that, pests often build resistance to DIY chemicals, rendering them ineffective and nothing more than a waste of money. It can also be very dangerous to use harsh chemicals or other ingredients that can harm you and your family.

Pest control companies understand the issues with DIY solutions, so they already have a leg up. Instead of just tackling the symptoms, they attack the infestation at its source. Their treatments are much more effective and help ensure that reinfestations won’t occur. Additionally, they’re aware of the dangers associated with the chemicals used in DIY solutions, so they either use innovative methods (heat steam, etc.) or ensure safety when applying chemical treatments in the correct doses.

Best Pest Control Options in Austin, Texas

When choosing a professional pest control business in Austin, Texas, turn to Roberts Termite & Pest Control. We offer a wide selection of inexpensive services that are effective, economical, and efficient. We customize our inspections and treatments to meet your schedule. When you use us for your pest control needs, we’ll make sure no pests remain in your home.

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