How Scorpions Get Into Austin Homes


Scorpions might arguably be one of the scariest types of arachnids that homeowners in Austin, Texas, have to deal with. Scorpions may be small, but they are able to deliver a vicious and painful sting if you get too close to them. 

At Roberts Termite & Pest Control, we are a family-owned company that has been providing home pest control in Austin for over two decades. If you recently saw a scorpion on your property, we know the most effective way to keep scorpions away and keep you safe.

Common Scorpions Found Around Austin

Several types of scorpions are in Austin, but the most common type in residential areas is the striped bark scorpion. This scorpion usually measures around 2 ½ inches long and has a tan or pale-yellow body with two dark-colored stripes on its back. These scorpions like to eat a variety of insects, such as crickets, roaches, and spiders. They grab these small bugs with their large front pincers. If the insect puts up much of a fight, the scorpion will use its stinger to subdue the bug. 

The other type of scorpion you may run into in Austin is the Texas cave scorpion. These scorpions typically have solid black bodies, usually around the same size as the striped bark scorpion. However, the Texas cave scorpion has slightly larger pincers and likes to eat cave crickets and other types of bugs. As their name suggests, these scorpions are commonly found in caves but can also be found in residential areas with a lot of rocks or moisture. 

All scorpions found in this area are most active at night, making them difficult to spot. Although, their bodies can glow a bright green color when they are around ultraviolet light. If you see these glowing creatures in your yard at night, stay as far away from them as possible and contact an experienced scorpion removal company. 

Entry Points Scorpions Can Use To Get Inside

Scorpions have bulky bodies that don't make them seem like agile creatures. However, they are good climbers and can easily climb brick surfaces, large rocks, and other types of rough terrain. Over the years, our scorpion exterminators have seen scorpions enter homes by crawling through small gaps around doors and windows. Some homeowners have accidentally brought scorpions into their homes that were hiding in piles of firewood or inside boxes and other objects inside open garages. 

Common Mistakes Austin Homeowners Make To Attract Scorpions

At Roberts Termite & Pest Control, our Austin scorpion control specialists have seen many homeowners accidentally attract scorpions to their property. Some of the common mistakes that homeowners make to attract scorpions include:

  • Stacking firewood close to the home
  • Having too many decorative rocks, figurines, and other objects in your yard that scorpions can use as a hiding spot
  • Having small gaps and cracks around their home

If you are seeing scorpions around your home, it could mean that you also have an insect infestation on your property. You should have your property inspected by an experienced scorpion exterminator to find the root cause of your scorpion problem. 

What To Do If You're Experiencing Scorpion Activity In Austin

A scorpion's sting can cause severe complications in some people. If you see scorpions on your property, you should exercise extreme caution and contact our professionals at Roberts Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible. We provide customized home pest control in Austin and can help keep these scary creatures away from your home.

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