Rodent-Prevention Tips For Austin Homeowners


When a thief gets into a home, they take stuff and then leave. Usually, they take valuables, things they can either sell or use for themselves. It is rare for a thief to steal food or water. This is the opposite when it comes to rodents. Rodents are also thieves, but they do not take your valuables, and they do not leave after they have stolen. Rodents only steal to fill their bellies and build their nests. And then they hide in places where you cannot reach such as inside your walls or ceiling voids. This, of course, raises concerns for homeowners here in Austin. If you are worried about furry pests invading your home, we have some rodent-prevention tips that are sure to help keep these intruders at bay.

Common Types Of Rodents In The Area

Here in Austin, we only have 3 major types of home-invading rodents: mice, rats, and squirrels. These three types of rodents have many subspecies, but we won’t go too in-depth today. All you need to know are the basics.

  • All rodents have sharp teeth: These teeth allow rodents to chew through objects many other creatures could not. Some of the craziest things certain rodents can chew through include wood, cement, plastic, and lead. 
  • Many rodents can climb: Many species of rodents are extremely adept climbers. This ability broadens their opportunities when looking to invade your home. If your roofline has damage to it, or an attic window is cracked open, these rodents will have no trouble getting inside.
  • All rodents can be dangerous: All rodents share the ability to carry and transmit dangerous diseases. Whether it is by the filth they carry on their bodies or the fecal matter and urine they leave throughout homes, having rodents around is a recipe for disaster. Rodents can attack if cornered and/or bring fleas, ticks, and mites into your home. If you have indoor pets without flea and tick collars, having rodents inside could put them at risk as well.

How And Why Rodents Invade Homes

Most often rodents get inside through some sort of damage to your home’s exterior. This could be a crack in your foundation, a hole under your porch, or damage to your roofline. Rodents can also get inside under doors, through open windows, or through a ripped or torn screen. The kicker is that rodents don’t always need an opening to get in. Sometimes they can make one. As we mentioned earlier, their teeth can chew through practically anything. If a hole isn’t big enough, they can chew on it and make it big enough. If a screen is in the way, they can make a hole. If rodents want to get into your home badly enough, they will find a way to do so.

5 Great Prevention Tips For Rodents

Seal your home’s exterior: Check your home up and down for damage rodents could use to get inside. Small holes can be sealed using a caulking gun and wire mesh. Larger holes may need more extensive repair work.

  • Reduce clutter around your property: The fewer places rodents have to hide or build a shelter on your property, the less likely they will find your home as their new residence.
  • Make sure your trash cans are sealed: Old garbage is a feast for rodents. If your trashcans do not already have tight-fitting lids, invest in some that do.
  • Don’t leave food out for rodents to find: This can be done in a few ways. Store leftover food inside sealed plastic, glass, or metal containers and in the fridge if possible. Pick up and clean out pet food and water bowls before going to bed. Repackage food stored in cardboard boxes such as cereal into larger plastic containers.
  • Clean, clean, and clean some more: Rodents love living in filthy environments. The cleaner your home is, the less likely they will be to stick around even if they get inside.

Why You Need To Call A Professional If Rodents Invade

Rodents are dangerous pests that you should not try to handle on your own. If you have rodents in your Austin home, your best option is to let the professionals here at Roberts Termite & Pest Control help. We have the necessary safety equipment and training needed to properly remove rodents from homes. With over 55 years of pest control experience, you will find no one better suited for the job.
Reach out to us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule immediate services for your Austin home.

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