The Trick To Effective American Cockroach Control In Austin


Roaches aren’t easy to get rid of in Austin. You try everything to exterminate cockroaches on your own, and just when you think you’ve taken care of the problem, more roaches come crawling out of the woodwork. American cockroaches can make life miserable, but you can learn the trick to effective American cockroach control in Austin.

What To Know About American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are the largest of the common pest cockroaches found in the United States. These big bugs can grow to over 2 inches in length but still manage to infiltrate homes and businesses without detection. Generally, if you’re seeing live roaches, it means that there are many more hiding where you can’t see. If you do spot a large roach, you can recognize American cockroaches by their reddish-brown color and dark figure-eight pattern located behind the head.

While spotting roaches is usually a strong indication of an infestation, there are other signs to be aware of. Cockroaches leave behind pellet-like droppings with blunted ends where they feed. You might also spot cockroach egg cases resembling a small leather purse attached to clothing or blankets. A musty, foul odor and the appearance of grease stains on walls can also be signs of a cockroach infestation.

Are American Cockroaches Dangerous?

Any pest that spends time feeding on rotten garbage has a tendency to spread disease, whether it’s roaches, rodents, or house flies. One of the main risks of a cockroach infestation is contamination and transmission of disease. Since American cockroaches like to hang out in bathrooms and trash bins, they tend to pick up lots of nasty pathogens and have been known to cause salmonellosis, typhoid, and dysentery, among other illnesses. 

Cockroaches may also damage clothing and belongings in their quest for food, since they will eat basically anything. When cockroach infestations grow to a significant size, they often cause allergy problems. Microscopic particles from cockroach skin and droppings can even cause asthma and eczema in extreme cases. 

How To Stop American Cockroaches

Although many cockroaches are brought indoors hitchhiking in boxes and bags, they may also be attracted to your property. Abundant food waste, garbage, humidity, and moisture are all factors that can cause an American cockroach infestation to start. But you can prevent American cockroaches on your Austin property with some easy adjustments:

Clean often. The most important cockroach prevention tip is also the easiest. Just clean up. Make sure to wipe up any spills, crumbs, or food scraps in the kitchen. Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors to get rid of debris. Thoroughly wash dishes of all food residue before leaving them in the sink. Don’t leave food out unattended.

Protect the pantry. Store your pantry foods in sturdy containers with tight-fitting lids to keep roaches out. Strong plastic is good, but metal or glass containers will also protect your food from rodents.

Control moisture. Reducing water sources can have a big impact on the presence of cockroaches. Be sure to fix any leaking faucets or pipes causing water to drip. Empty out pet water bowls overnight so roaches can’t get a drink. Ventilate indoor spaces to reduce humidity or install a dehumidifier. 

Why Are American Cockroaches So Hard To Get Rid Of?

Cockroaches are some of the most resilient creatures on earth, and getting rid of them is no simple task. American cockroaches can scurry and hide to unreachable areas in your home or business where you can’t eliminate them. They are known to be resistant to store-bought pesticides and can survive weeks without food or water. 

That why you need support from the experts at Roberts Termite & Pest Control to take care of your American cockroach problems in Austin. Our professional technicians respond quickly to your pest control needs and offer flexible scheduling for your busy life. Get in touch with us today.

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