Why Are There Fleas In My Austin Home?


Many of us here have pets, and the moment they start to scratch we immediately think, ‘oh no is it fleas?’ Fleas are very common parasitic pests in the greater Austin area of Texas. Their food source is the blood of their warm-blooded mammal hosts. Fleas are very tiny. They are reddish-brown in color. Their bodies are hard and flattened from side to side. Their back legs are long and powerful, enabling them to jump to extreme heights and move through the fur of their host.

Where Do Fleas Come From?

People and their pets typically encounter fleas at campgrounds, parks, dog parks, kennels, and grooming facilities. If your pet contracts fleas, you will likely develop a problem of your own simply by cuddling or petting your furry friend. Fleas tend to thrive in warm, humid weather and live outside on their hosts. Mice, rats, squirrels, foxes, skunks, and raccoons are among their favorite hosts. These wild animals are the ones that usually introduce fleas to your front lawn. Once they are on your property, they will soon find their way inside either on you or your pets. 

They can affect homes without pets too!  Fleas can also be introduced into your homes through used furniture or rugs that were already infested with adult fleas, eggs, or larvae. Fleas are very capable of reproducing inside with the potential of developing into a huge infestation. In the case of a large infestation, if humans are all that are available, they will feed on our blood. They are very quick breeders. Outside, fleas generally live on their host or in a moist environment. They will congregate under decks, woodpiles and leaf piles, or tall grass. They wait there for a host to come by and jump on to begin feeding. 

Keep Fleas Out Of Your Austin Home 

  • Here are some preventative measures to keep fleas out of your Austin home:

  • Make sure your pets are on a year-round flea control program.

  • Remove food sources that attract wild animals to your yard like bird feeders and open trash containers.

  • Keep grass cut short and trim weeds and thick shrubbery from your home’s foundation.

  • Remove leaf piles, brush piles, and excess woodpiles that fleas tend to hide in.

  • Inspect your pets and yourself for fleas before coming indoors.

  • Vacuum your house regularly, especially in areas where the pets spend the most time.

  • Regularly wash pet bedding.

  • Regularly groom and wash your pets.

  • Carefully inspect used furniture or rugs before bringing them into your home.

  • Place a barrier of crushed stone between wooded areas and your lawn.

  • Make sure compost bins and trash can have tight -lids to stop wild animals from eating on your property and introducing fleas.

Roberts Termite And Pest Control Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Flea Problem

At Roberts Termite and Pest Control, we can help you eliminate fleas from your Texas residential or commercial property. We offer professional services you can count on. Our top concern is customer care by providing quality services in the greater Austin area at a fair price! Reach out to us today to learn more about our flea control options.

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