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Spiders in the Home

Spider Pest Control | October 22, 2019

A spider has many eyes and they can see behind them too

Cellar spiders tend to dot every corner in a home. They spin umbrella type webs and for the most part, stay where they nest. These are very common spiders, and they pose little danger. They can be unsightly if their webs remain in place. Another pest that freaks people out is the wolf spiders. These are very fast and very adept at chasing down prey. They have nearly perfect vision, so they see you coming before you get near them.

The Spider Outlook for Fall 2019

We expect an above-average population of spiders of all types this fall. The primary reason is the mild spring weather which provides a more extended period of high-food-availability. The insect populations had more time to grow, and that means more spiders. The only spiders that are a concern medically are the brown recluse and black widow spiders. The hobo spider may be a medical concern if they are around.

Which Types of Spiders Are You Most Likely to See?

Wolf spiders and long-legged cellar spiders are two of the most visible spider groups. The wolf spider comes in many sizes from the insanely large to the very small. Most look very menacing, and while they may run right at you, they are pretty much harmless. Their bite stings like that of a yellow jacket, but unless you are allergic to their venom, they pose no medical danger. Why do they run right at you? They have fantastic eyesight, and they tend to dodge predators.

They are on the Move Constantly

Wolf Spiders roam about looking for mates and food. If you find a wolf spider in your house, it is probably hunting insects. A larger wolf spider had no problem taking down another speedy runner – the cockroach.

Long-legged Cellar Spiders

The long-legged Cellar Spider is a common site in most homes. They construct webs in the corners of rooms near the ceiling. That may seem odd, but insects always fly upwards when they are looking for an exit. So, the ceiling area is a prime place to catch mosquitoes, flies, and even wandering stink bugs. Because of their docile nature, long-legged cellar spiders are often prey for wolf spiders. Their venom is not a concern medically.

Spiders do an excellent job of keeping pests such as cockroaches and mosquitoes under control. Most pose no threat to humans or pets. However, as much as they do for us, they do not need to live in our homes. If your home has spiders, we can help. We provide efficient and affordable pest control services to the greater Austin area. Just give our team a call, and we will deal the spiders safely.

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