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How Do Spiders Get into Austin Home?

Spider Pest Control | August 21, 2018

How Do Spiders Get into Austin Home?

There are a number of pests who make their way into homes throughout the greater Austin area. From Spring through fall many spiders that you discover in your home are males that are roaming about looking for a mate. Some may be females looking for a quiet place to lay eggs. In this blog, we look at how spiders get into your home.

Small Spaces & Opportunities

Spiders have soft bodies and that means that they can flatten themselves and squeeze into small spaces. That means that they can find their way through small holes or tears in window screen, under doors, and even underneath of small spaces in windows.

There are some fairly easy ways to help reduce the odds that spiders will enter your home. It is important to check the window screens and screen on screen doors at the end of summer. The heat and cold is very damaging to many building materials and when screening is exposed to the Texas sun, it becomes brittle and tears easily.

Also, make sure that doors and windows have a good fit. They should fit tightly into their case so that spiders and insects cannot squeeze under them.

Loose Boards & Siding

Spiders are opportunists and they will take refuge in spacing between boards. The siding on your home is a very good buffer against the heat and cold of Texas Summer and Winter. If a board is loose, a spider can gain access to the interior wall space and then emerge elsewhere inside. Take a moment each spring and fall to inspect the siding on your home, the windowsills, and door jams.

This is not a common problem on well-maintained home’s, but it is a possibility. Along this same line of thinking are soffit vent screens. These also can become damaged over time or by animals such as birds or squirrels. Those too need to be checked each fall.


Sometimes pests come into our homes on us. A good example of this are ticks or fleas. Both climb on our clothing and then enter the house when we do. The same is true of some spiders – mostly on accident. One way to help prevent spiders from getting on us is to make sure that shrubbery and landscaping plants are trimmed back from walkways and that plants are trimmed away from the home.

Can Pest Control Help?

Pest control can help keep spiders out of your home. This requires the use of contact pesticides that kill spiders and insect on contact. We provide comprehensive pest control services throughout the greater Austin area. Our approach is always with safety in mind and we go the extra step to understand the types of pest we control. Spiders ae a common pest and in Texas we have some big and toxic spiders – the black widow, brown recluse, and in some settings the hobo spider. There are many; other types of spiders from the ground spiders and funnel spiders to the orb weavers and jumping spiders. Most are beneficial so how we control them matters.

For more information about controlling spiders in and around your home, reach out to our professionals.

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