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Spring Pest Outlook For The Greater Austin Area

Residential Pest Control | February 19, 2019

Spring Pest Outlook For The Greater Austin Area

The mild winter around Austin has been beautiful and a haven for pests. Spring 2019 is expected to be moist and warm and that means that many pests will get a jumpstart on their annual lifecycle. February is likely to be an early spring – weather wise. That means we might see a larger population of mosquitoes early. It also means that the queen wasps for the vespid family – yellowjackets and hornets – are likely to emerge earlier and produce larger colonies sooner.

The warmer weather also means fleas and ticks will be active early and looking for food. All of this while the grass is starting to grow like crazy. Tick and flea control begin with good yard hygiene and that’s difficult when things are wet. The warmer weather also means that rodents are more active and because there is less food this early, they will be looking for eat yours.  

Overall expect an active start to pest season in early 2019.

Summer Pest Outlook

Spring is the gateway for pest season and the spring is really active with pests, the summer will be more so. We’re talking bigger wasp colonies, more fleas, more ticks, more mosquitoes, more biting flies, as well as more rodents which means more snakes. One good season for pests, usually builds a better season for them for the rest of the year. An active spring means more food and bigger populations throughout the summer and fall.

The same is true for fall. Especially if the summer weather lasts longer into the fall. We tend to see more rodents, more snakes, and more mammals when the weather is milder. It also means that flies and other insects linger longer and do more damage.

As depressing as all of this sounds, there is still time to be proactive. A strong pest management plan that is executed in early spring, can take down many of the pest issues that we talked about in the above paragraphs. Now is the time for a comprehensive bating program for wasps – especially the vespids. The logic is that if you can take down a queen now, you are taking down an entire colony before it hatches. The more queens you do in, the fewer colonies around, and those summer tailgate parties might be enjoyable. The same logic applies to rodents, mosquitoes, and other pests that we deal with on a daily basis.

To get started, reach out to our team. We are professionals who offer affordable, comprehensive, and efficient pest control services. Ask us about pest control for pests that concern you.

We offer monthly programs that do a lot for a little.

  • Wasp control and baiting programs
  • Ant control that hits them at the colony level, not the foraging level.
  • Spider Control before they emerge
  • Flea and Tick abatement programs that help to reduce the risk of insect-borne disease such as Lyme’s Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
  • Mosquito abatement that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the polka-dot bite marks.

Spring is the time to take control of the entire year’s pest outlook.  We provide service to most of the areas and communities around the Greater Austin Area.

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