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Holiday Pest Control For Austin, Texas

Residential Pest Control | November 5, 2019

It is beginning to look a lot like the Holidays and one of the busiest times for pest control companies. After all, who wants to share their holidays with rats, mice, cockroaches, and ants? November is one of the best times to address all of these pests.

Early Intervention is Key to Pest-free Holidays

It can take some time for a pest intervention to destroy the pest. Early treatment is essential, especially with cockroaches, ants, and rodents. We offer ongoing pest control services too. That means we control pests before they become problems. If your house or business is prone to seasonal pest invasions, then consider our monthly pest control service. It is not only affordable, but it also puts our in-depth knowledge of pest behaviors to work for you.

Pest Control vs. DIY Pest Products

Many DIY pest products never quite do the job. You put out ant bait, and the ants disappear for a while, but next week they are back. You put out roach control units, and the roach population drops but never entirely goes away — every couple of weeks, you need to go right back to the store.

We provide quality pest control services that are safely applied to do the job quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. We offer one-time service calls and ongoing service calls. The difference between a DIY product and our service call is that we provide more than a one-size-fits-all approach to pest control. Our understanding of pests allows us to develop a ‘solution’ that fits your situation. By applying pest control with thought and care, we eliminate the pest at the source.

An excellent example of what we do comes from dealing with ant invasions. Ants send out foragers, which are the ants you find on your counter or in your kitchen. The jobs of the foragers are to bring food back, mark the location, and then alert the colony that food is available. Then the real invasion starts. With DIY products, you kill off the foragers and the colony sends out new ants. If those die, the queen makes more ants. The process is relatively sustainable and you never completely get rid of the ants. We use a different approach .We use the foraging ants to wipe out the colony.

In the case of fire ants, we address the colony at the source. The same is true of other species of ants that are in the yard but may not invade your house. This time of year put us to work dealing with rodents, insects, birds, and mammals that annoy you and your family. We offer humane and green products and services too.

If your house is prone to pest issues, especially during the holidays, now is the perfect time to give us a call. We provide comprehensive pest control services throughout the Greater Austin Area. Ask us about our affordable monthly pest inspections designed for both homes and businesses.

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