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Beetle Pests In your Austin Area Home

Residential Pest Control | January 9, 2018

Beetle Pests In your Austin Area Home

We often think of beetles as one of those creepy crawly things with all the legs and the exoskeleton, but the truth is that all insects occur in several different forms – Egg, larva, pupa, nymph, sub-adult, and adult. It is easy to divide insects into two groups, those with a complete lifecycle and those with an incomplete lifecycle. That little tidbit is important. Because beetles are not just adults, but eggs, larva, and pupa too. This means that in homes throughout the greater Austin area beetles are causing damage all year long, not just in the spring and summer. Here is a closer look at what that means and what to look for when investigating damage by beetles

Life Cycle of Beetles

A beetle regardless of species exists in several forms and are present in our homes and yards all year long. Some adult beetles may live for several years to nearly a decade so just because we do not see them does not mean they are not there.

The Egg – We bring a variety of insect eggs into our home every time we go to the grocery store. The weevils in your flour did not migrate there, they hatched. Yes, even the best flour company sells flour with beetle eggs in its product. It is not just flour but most dried foods from beans to cereals.

Beetle eggs are just one of the many forms that beetles exist in our home throughout the coldest months of the year. A house, after all, is warm and cozy and it makes a perfect nursery for insect eggs to overwinter.

Beetle Larva – Even out in the cold yard are thriving. This is because most burrow into the soil where they eat organic matter or small organisms. In your home, you might have carpet beetles which in their larval form are the most destructive. The adults emerge only to mate and lay more eggs. A carpet is a huge resource for carpet beetles and they will breed until the food source (natural fiber carpet, sweaters, and clothing) are all depleted.

Both the egg and the pupa are not destructive and when it comes to every species of beetle, the larval stage is the worst for homeowners. Chances are you have beetle larvae throughout your home and do not realize it. In the case of the carpet beetles, you won’t notice them until you spot the damage to the carpeting or other textiles.

The beetle lifecycle begins with the egg, which hatches into a larva, which then pupates and emerges as an adult where the cycle begins anew.

Most Destructive Beetle Species for Austin Homeowners

There are several species of beetles that eat things in your home. They include the pantry beetles, such as the dermestid beetles, and the carpet beetles. Both families of beetles consume dead things, such as flour or wool. Outside, beetles that kill trees are probably the most destructive since mature trees not only take a long while to grow but also add value to your property. Inside, you might be looking at replacing carpeting, clothing, and food stores. Outdoors you are battling beetles that kill trees, damage lawns and destroy flowers and gardens.

With over 800,000 species of beetles thus far discovered and the fact that they are present all year long, Austin homeowners need help. That’s where we come into the picture. We provide the greater Austin area with comprehensive pest control solutions including the management of pest species of beetles. Give us a call for all of your pest control needs.

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