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The Good, Bad, and Ugly Pests of Austin

Pest Control | April 3, 2018

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Pests of Austin

Within the greater Auston area are many pests. Some, like the sphynx moths, are quite beautiful and others, such as the bald face hornet, seem to just cause trouble. Still others make us queasy, such as the many spiders around these parts. So what can you expect from the Greater Austin pest scene? Lets have a closer look.

  1. Bald Faced Hornets

These bad boys are mostly girls. In fact, when it comes to wasp it is only the girls that will make you roll on the ground and sob like a baby. This is because the boys do not have stingers at all. Only the females of Bees, wasps and ants have stingers, which are modified ovipositors. Males can bite, but they cannot sting. Fortunately, hornets and wasps are common, but not a common problem. Still, if you have a colony of bald faced hornets on your property, give us a call and we can eradiate them safely.

Wasp play an important part in our world and should be respected. Not all wasps are the same. The bid difference is between social wasps – hornets and yellowjackets – and solitary wasps – mud daubers, etc. Social wasps tend to be very aggressive and are 99% more likely to sting you. Solitary wasps are often very docile, and you pretty much must go out of your way to get stung by a solitary wasp. With that being said, you can expect the sting of a solitary wasp to be considerably more painful than that of a social wasp.

  1. A Myriad Of Spiders

Austin is home to many species of spiders most of which are basically harmless. The exception are the few spiders with medical-grade venom. These include the brown recluse and the black widow. The rest might produce a painful bite or not and do not post a threat. You will find many species of spiders in gardens, indoors, and in outbuildings. Most are feeding on flying insects, such as mosquitoes, flesh flies, and wasps. Some wasps hunt spiders and mud daubers would one family of spider hunting wasps.

  1. Ticks

Ticks are not pretty, and they are even worse when they have bitten you. These crab-like creatures carry disease, such as Lime’s Disease, and they are happy to make a meal out of human blood. Tick season has just begun.

What is your least favorite Austin area pest? We offer complete pest control services to Austin area homeowners and business owners. Reach out to our team of professionals for all of your pest control needs and questions.

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