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Improving Quality of Life in Shared Communities

Pest Control, Residential Pest Control | September 18, 2018

Improving Quality of Life in Shared Communities

Shared communities are those gated building and multi-family buildings – apartments and condo communities. All homes have some type of pest problem – ants, roaches, bed bugs, spiders, etc. – In multifamily communities, those problems can become amplified quickly. Quality pest control services focuses on prevention and control so that the quality of life of people who call these units home is not affected by pest issues. In this blog, we look at several common pests around Austin, Texas and they late summer and early fall is a perfect time to act.

1. Cockroaches

There are many species of cockroach in the Austin area. The American Cockroach is perhaps the most common but the there are many others who will make your house their home. Cockroach live on decaying food and are one of the pests that are evolving to live beside man. This is because our debris is a perfect habitat for them and our homes are warm in winter and cooler in summer. In short, we make their existence easy.

There are not a lot of reasons why cockroach infestations occur. In fact, the primary reason is abundant food. In a multifamily building, it only takes one messy unit to attract cockroach. They then build up a population and begin to spread out around the building. They are soft and flexible enough slide under baseboards and into wall cracks. Even in a clean unit, there is enough crumbs to sustain a small population of cockroach. The key to controlling these scavengers is to utilize a comprehensive bait and perimeter abatement program that focuses on safety, affordability, and effective control of scavenging insects.

2. Wasp

Primarily we are talking about wasps in the Vespid family – yellowjackets, paper wasps, hornets, etc. These are wasps with folded wings. If you should look at a yellowjacket that is on the ground, you can see that their wings are folded. These are social wasps that are highly aggressive when it comes to food and territory. A common place to find Vespid wasps in multiunit buildings is around the swimming pool, at picnic and BBQ areas, and around the trash depository areas. They will also investigate units if people are cooking. Another place to find vespid wasps is in lawns. When not scavenging, they are hunting caterpillars and a lawn is an excellent place to find caterpillars.

The best way to control wasp populations is with traps and bait, but in-ground nests need to be removed professionally. A yellowjacket colony in late summer can have as many as 10,000 or more wasps in it and each will fly out to defend that territory.

3. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a nightmare to deal with in a home and even more so in a multifamily unit. Like cockroach, bed bugs use the crawl spaces in walls and floors to move around a building. People are the number one cause of the spread of bed bugs and bed bugs impact everyone – they do not discriminate based on income, ethnicity, etc. They are one insect that is specific to man – they feed on human blood and they can live six months without eating.

There is only one way to control bed bugs and that is through professional extermination. Pesticides rarely work on them.

If you are a property owner in the Great Austin Area and you are concerned about the living atmosphere in your communities, reach out to our team. We provide single call and ongoing scheduled services that help to improve the lives of people in your buildings.

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