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Why Raccoons, Skunks, & Possum Dig Up Your Lawn

Nuisance Wildlife Control | July 17, 2018

Why Raccoons, Skunks, & Possum Dig Up Your Lawn

It might seem that from time to time there are just rogue animals bent on destroying your Austin area lawn and garden. It is easy to make that assumption because raccoon’s, skunks, and possum do dig up lawns and gardens. In fact, it is very likely that these animals are destroying your lawn. However, removing a few of them is not likely going to solve the problem. The reason is that these animals, while destructive are only part of the problem. In fact, they are the symptom rather than the disease. In this blog we look why raccoons, skunks, and possum dig up lawns and what you can do about it.

Why Raccoon & Other Large Animals Destroy Lawns

The primary reason is that under the lawn are grubs – beetle larvae – that these animals depend on for food, especially in early spring. There is a long list of beetles that are large, and whose larvae are ground dwelling. The Green Fruit Beetle, June Beetles, May Beetles, Chafers, etc., are all large and whose reproductive or life cycle includes an in-ground growth period during their larval stage.

To larger mammals, these are dinner. Some of these larvae are the size of a grown person’s thumb, which is why they invest the energy to dig them up from wherever they find them.

The Pest Control Problem

Many property owners target the animals when they are only doing what they are supposed to do – eat the grubs. The real pest is not so much the raccoons or skunks, but the grubs. If you get rid of the grubs, then the animals (generally) do not dig up your lawn or damage your garden. If your pest control company is just removing the larger animals and not dealing with the grubs, then you are wasting your money.

The other problem is that more raccoons and skunks will venture into your yard to get the grubs and you have a short-lived cycle of waking up to holes in the lawn. Our professional team spends the time to diagnose the entire problem so that we are addressing the right issues at the right time. When you remove the grubs the pests that are digging up your lawn go away too. Because there is no food for them, they must invest the energy to find food elsewhere.

We also understand the timing of pest control. Beetles only stay in the ground so long before they pupate and emerge as adults. So, the period of time in which white grubs are an issues if fairly short and not ongoing. If it is August and you are finding that something is digging up your lawn, then it is likely another type of pest, but the scenario is the same.

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