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Raccoon Removal and Control for the Greater Austin Area

Nuisance Wildlife Control | September 21, 2017

Raccoon Removal and Control for the Greater Austin Area

Raccoons are one of the animals that have adapted to living in suburbia. They are curious creatures who scavenge for food. They are also opportunistic and help themselves to pet food, poultry, eggs, and many other things that they find on their wanderings.

Around a property, raccoons are destructive. They will:

  •    Topple garbage cans and cause messes
  •    Open and consume stored food such as pet food
  •    Enter your home through a pet door or open window
  •    Damage roofs and gutters looking for a place to make a home
  •    Dig up plants and damage gardens

The list of what raccoons do to homes is long, and the damage can be very costly. So, how do you get rid of pest raccoons? There are several things that you can do to get rid of raccoons.

The DIY Approach to Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are usually looking for food or looking for shelter. As such, your DIY efforts should focus on removing those options for wild raccoons that visit your yard.

  1. Be sure to remove pet food when pets are finished eating. Pet food is an open invitation for a raccoon to add your home to their list of travel destinations.
  2. Make sure garbage, recycling, and compost bins are tightly secured. Raccoons love a challenge, but if they cannot get to the food, they will eventually move on to easier targets.
  3. Keep stored food, such as pet food and poultry food in areas where raccoons cannot get at them. These are smart creatures with a lot of dexterity. They will find a way to get to the stored food.
  4. If you put up bird feeders, make sure that they are in raccoon proof areas, such as on a smooth pole rather than a tree branch.
  5. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from your house so that Raccoons cannot use them to gain access to your roof.
  6. Make sure pet doors are secure so that wild animal such as raccoon and skunk cannot enter

By making sure that food and shelter are not an option you decrease the risk of wild raccoons becoming pests in your yard.

What You Should Not Do with Pest Raccoons

Raccoons can be very aggressive, and they will bite and attack if cornered or injured. For that reason:

  1. Never corner a raccoon. Always give them a way to leave on their own.
  2. Do not trap raccoons with a live trap as they are very aggressive, and they will defend themselves
  3. Do not try to remove a raccoon from its den, even if its den is in your attic, roof or wall. Call one of our experts as we have the tools to safely remove raccoons and other critters from enclosed spaces without injuring them or being injured by them. Nobody wants to go through rabies shots.
  4. Do not feed raccoons as that will only encourage them to come back more often for food.

Use a Professional to Remove Raccoons

Sometimes all that is needed is to use deterrents such as repellents to keep raccoons out of your garbage or outbuildings. We use quality repellents that are safe for pets but that raccoons do not like.  Sometimes we trap them and then relocate them to a place where they can live out their lives without being a pest. Sometimes we do both. Our first goal is always the safe removal of the pest.

For help with home pests such as raccoons, reach out to our professional team at Robert’s Pest Control for advice or a free quote.


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