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September Pest Outlook Austin

Austin Area Pests | September 1, 2019

Learn more about our expectations for pests i September around Austin, Texas

What do we expect for pest control issues in September for the Greater Austin Area? More of the same with additional pressure from pests such as wasps, rodents, and flies.

Flies and Flying Pests

Mosquitoes remain a common complaint and they are likely to stick around until the cold sets in sometime this fall. We expect the population of mosquitoes to continue to grow as there is still time for a few more hatchings to occur. If the fall proves to be mild, mosquitoes may even stay around into winter.

Houseflies are still a pest and it remains a very active season for houseflies. In agricultural areas, biting flies are a large pest problem. The bigger deer and horse flies should be gone by now, but the smaller biting flies and midges will remain active for a while longer.

Rodents and Ground Dwelling Pests

Rodents – September and through October is the highest call time for rodent issues. The drop in food supplies outdoors begins in September and that drives the overly large population of rodents indoors as they look for food, shelter, and a place to rear young.

Mice and rats are the primary pests households and businesses will see a fall swell in, but squirrels are also on the lookout for a winter den. This means a lot of calls about noises in the attic and wall space.

Aggressive Wasps

Wasp Control – Vespid wasps – yellowjackets, hornets, and paper wasps are very active into September. By this time, most of their colonies are quite large, and the drive to feed all of those wasps is high. September is a prime outdoor living time, and wasps will enjoy BBQs and picnics.

Snakes Are Out in Number

Snake Incidents – September is a very active time for snakes. The weather is still warm, and there is plenty of prey to attract snakes. Be on the lookout for vipers, such as rattlesnakes around homes.

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