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Ant Invasions – Common Ants around the Greater Austin Area

Ant Control | November 27, 2017

Common Ants around the Greater Austin Area

Texas is full of ants and many varieties and species are native and a few are invasive. The list includes spectacular names such as Red Fire Ants and exotics such as Argentine Ants and a few that are just plain wacky like the Crazy Ants. While ants play a beneficial role in nature, they are not so beneficial around your home and yard. In this blog, we go over a few of the many species of ants that you are likely to find in your Austin area home.

Crazy Ants

So named because of their chaotic behavior. Every decent ant forms a line and works together. Not so with crazy ants who just randomly roam all over the place looking for food. They range in chaotic hoards and the crazy part is their numbers and then tend to show up by the millions and in their wake, they leave piles of dead ants. Crazy!

Red Fire Ants

So names for the burning sensation they cause when they sting you. Fire ants are small (under ¼ of an inch in length.) Their small stature is made up for by their huge impact and a nest of these little terrors can drive off grown men. The stings are itchy, burning, and can cause an allergic reaction. Fire ants tend to make their nests in lawns and in the ground. You will likely see a small cone shape mound of dirt with ants teeming around it. Don’t go near it, just call us and our team to deal with them.

Argentine Ants

Often makes their home in your home and these small ants range to about 1/16 of an inch in length and love kitchens, pantries, and any other place food is plentiful.

Pharaoh Ants

Small and well adapted to be a pest in your home. They are light in color and sometimes almost yellow/creamy coloring. They do sting but for the most part, they want your food.

Carpenter Ants

Large and mostly outdoors, though they sometimes find their way into your home. These ants make their home inside of wood and will chew wood to make a large cavity where they live.

Ants are no joke whether they are outside or inside. These are relatives to wasps and bees and as such can sting and most have toxins. For total ant control regardless of the species, reach out to our team and schedule a service call.

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