Pharaoh Ants - Meet the Culprits


Pharaoh Ants

Due to the size of the colonies, multiple queens and colonization by budding, this ant species is one of the most difficult to eliminate form structures. The pharaoh ant is almost exclusively an indoor pest. It can infest homes, restaurants and groceries, and is an occurring pest in hospitals and nursing homes.


  • The Pharaoh ant is yellowish-red in color
  • Measures about 1.7 to two millimeters in length


  • Typical colony consist of tens or hundreds of thousands of workers, many queens, and brood
  • Colonies of moderate to large size will frequently bud, or split into smaller sub-colonies.
  • Mating occurs anytime during the year
  • Queens do not leave the nest unless they are budding or a high-quality food resource is found nearby

Due to its small size, the pharaoh ant can infest many indoor areas, and can sometimes go unnoticed until the colony reaches a substantial size. Because the pharaoh ant is so tiny, it is able to live in very remote places. These ants are known to travel quite far from their nest in search of food, typically along edges on well-established trails marked by pheromones. Baiting is the preferred method of control. Sprays have proven to induce budding, or a scattering of the colony, with minimal control.


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