Nuisance Wildlife - Meet the Culprits



Nuisance Wildlife Racoon Nuisance Wildlife Squirell Nuisance Wildlife Opposum Nuisance Wildlife Skunk

When you approach a nuisance wildlife pest, you need to have multiple plans and methods of controlling them. You are dealing with a mammal that has a brain. Its ultimate goal is survival. Wildlife pest populations are increasing and these animals are very adaptable. Roberts Termite and Pest Control offers its customers resourceful professionals equipped to provide wildlife control services.

Different type of construction promotes different types of problems. Wood-sided houses have more birds and squirrels because it's easier for them to get through the siding. Although they can chew through almost anything, a wood-sided house makes it easy. Raccoons may go down chimneys and have their young inside the flue. In these cases, the mother needs to be trapped, then the babies can be removed. In most cases pests are trapped and released or taken to the local Humane Society.


  • Note and thoroughly inspect areas where pests are suspected
  • Look for gnawing, bedding, food or damaged areas and check overhanging branches or wires that can provide a highway for the pest to enter a structure
  • Place live traps in observed entryways
  • Fill holes with insulation or steel wool
  • Seal or caulk all access to structures


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